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After neglecting this blog for almost 2 years I decided to get back into it after being the WordPress 3.8 update caught my eye. Also after utilising Drupal extensively for clients sites as part of my role at Infinite Networks I have not had a chance to utilise the ‘easy’ features of WordPress. It was time to get my hands dirty again as I take a more entrepreneurial and managerial role in company I created over 11 years ago.

In about 45mins I upgraded my blog theme, configured it and happy enough with the design to consider it ready for production. For a personal or small business website you really can’t beat the power tools of widgets and plugins of WordPress to build something quickly and effectively. Of course a bit of experience on the Web and the occasional HTML knowledge is handy but for someone like myself who has more knowledge of how to bring things together rather than actually how to do it, it has become a very powerful platform.

The most challenging part of the whole renovation was getting the Instagram API to work correctly with the widget the theme supplied. The twitter API was much less hassle which I had sorted in under a minute. This was mainly to looking at the documentation after it didn’t seem blatantly obvious.

Once a read the instructions at I realised that the trick is once you have registered your application you need to authenticate it by hitting a particular URL by replacing CLIENT-ID and REDIRECT-URI with the client id in your application settings and the redirect URL as seen below

Then it redirects you to your own website where it generates code. The first part of the code up until the first dot is your user id (12345678) and the whole string including the user id as the access token (12345678.abc123a.1abcd2345e6f7891h23bij4k5l67890m) to use in your application.

In the coming months I am going to attempt to write some articles primarily on my opinion of the state of few things in IT and Web Development industries for no reason other than to publish something to improve my writing skills.

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